What are common boiler issues requiring boiler repair in the Portsmouth and Havant area?


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Unfortunately, we have all experienced a faulty boiler. Whether it’s simply not heating anything, or if it’s a more acute problem that seems impossible to solve, just know that it happens to all of us. Your boiler is bound to let you down at some point in life.

Regardless of what type of boiler you have, there are many problems that can occur. Some are more common than others, although most of these issues can be prevented with regular maintenance and frequent services.

In this article, we will explore the most common boiler issues and what you can do to get these problems fixed.

Hot water but no heating

If it so happens that your central heating is not working, but you still have hot water, there is likely a problem related to your boiler settings or a faulty diverter valve.

First things first, check your radiator settings. You need to ensure that your thermostatic valves are not closed in order to be sure it is a fault with your boiler. Also, check your boiler settings to ensure that the central heating is turned on. This sounds obvious but it is a common mistake to make.

Low boiler pressure

Your boiler relies on a certain pressure level in order to maintain an effective circulation of water.

On the pressure gauge, a low-pressure error code can often be seen when this pressure level drops too low.

This may be caused by a leak within the pipes or holes within the boiler components. If this is the case, you should not attempt to fix this yourself, and should instead consult an expert.

Frozen Condensate Pipe

This pipe is used for removing acidic waste from the boiler to the outside drains. When it is cold outside, it is very common for this to freeze up, resulting in the boiler locking out.

This can be solved by thawing out the contents of the pipe. In the long term, however, you could hire an engineer to insulate the pipe or install it internally. This will prevent the pipe from freezing up as easily.

Boiler not responding to thermostat

This can be annoying, as most people rely on their thermostat in order to control their central heating.

This may be a simply a case of ensuring the thermostat has working batteries or checking to see if the systems are synced up.

If you still have no luck, you should contact the thermostat manufacturer or an expert for further advice.

Boiler Leak

A boiler leak is usually a minor problem that often occurs.

The most common reasons for this are because of a corroded pipe, high pressure, a faulty heat exchanger, or internal leaks.

Either way, you should always consult a Gas Safe Engineer in order to solve this. The solution will depend entirely on how sever the leak is.

No heating or hot water

This is referred to as a complete lockout, and when your boiler is not producing heating or hot water, there can be many underlying issues.

These can include problems with the pipes, pilot lights, diverter valves, boiler pressure, or thermostat issues.

First, you should check your boiler pressure gauge to see if it is in the normal range.

If the pressure is normal, you should contact your boiler manufacturer. If it is a problem with the diverter valve or any internal component, an engineer will be your best bet.

Pilot light keeps going out

If you have an older boiler, it may not have an electronic ignition. This means that it will need to be switched on in order to keep the combustion chamber working correctly. If it keeps turning off, this will become an issue.

This could be because of a faulty thermocouple, a draught that is putting out the boiler’s flame, or a carbon deposits on the pilot light.

Whichever one it is, because it is related to gas, we would suggest contacting a professional engineer who can safely inspect the issue.

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